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Funding Innovation

Naturally, businesses require cash to run.

Cash helps pay for servers, services, software, and hardware, as well as taxes and fees. It also helps pay people who can build new products, improve design, and all of the other functions that businesses require.

Sometimes, cash comes with expectations that reduce flexibility.

And finding capital can take away months or years of time that could be used to build products.

We run as capital efficiently as possible.

Many of our products are currently free to use, and we want to keep paid rates low enough that more people can benefit.

So, if you like our mission and products at least a little bit, then please

  • Support innovation using any of the donation methods listed below (currently ETH and credit cards)
  • Tell your friends about the Next Mountain website, our blog, and Next Mountain Academy (when courses are available again)
  • Subscribe to our paid courses at Next Mountain Academy (not currently available)
  • Subscribe to premium versions of our web and mobile products, when available
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Thank you for your support!

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